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What does a fully developed man look like?

Vibe – How do you feel when you are around a man? He is fun, relaxed, happy in his skin and with his superiority over those around him. He needs nothing but freely gives of himself. He is the warm end of the pool.

Presence – What is the initial impression that strikes you as you meet for the first time? When you size him up in those first moments how does he make you take note and think “this guy has something about him?” It’s a combination of physical competence, grooming, dress, body language, facial expression.

Mastery – A man is master of his world. He has seen it, done it, become extremely good at it. Whether he’s observing the world with clarity, advising a protege, or playing chess he is able and focused.

Intrigue – He leads a lifestyle of experience and magnitude. He travels, he fights, he loves, he drinks. When sitting at a dinner party with a fully developed man he weaves story upon story into a early hours as everyone sits fascinated.

Male development visualised

2 responses

  1. leo barstad

    Hey Krauser.

    if this documentary isn’t right up the Cervantes alley, it should be. A much better model of a man following his own path than a character in a TV commercial. This example of male accomplishment revolves around personal emotional authenticity, rather than any externals like intrigue or style.



    May 21, 2012 at 4:50 pm

  2. dude, i should have known this was you. so much wisdom. [Thanks fella. You gonna reopen your blog to us plebs anytime soon? CC.]

    June 3, 2012 at 12:17 pm

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