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What is lifestyle redesign?

My parent’s generation were brought up with a narrow range of paths ahead of them. It was common to be streamed at the 11+ exam and then trained to either enter a technical college / apprenticeship (lower academic performers) or go to university and then get a job for life. Either way your path was simple. Not necessarily easy, but you had a good idea what you could expect from the world and vice versa.

My generation is both blessed and cursed with choice. Our lives are projects which we reflexively plan, subjecting every aspect to a conscious decision. I see this as a great liberation. Never before in history have men of median ability been able to choose their careers, take significant leisure time, and see the world. Opportunities previously open only to international playboys or renaissance men are now within our grasp.

How do I choose to live?

Ultimately, I seek to maximise my happiness (loosely defined). I am single, affluent, and creative. My aim is to fully develop as a man and lead a lifestyle of epic coolness for my own gratification. Over time I’ll figure out teachable theories and maybe write a book. For now, it’s just a journey.

What is this blog?

This is a simple chronicle of my travels, my interests, and opinions on the world. It is intended to interest like-minded men and hopefully inspire others to live awesomely in their own way. I’ve generally arranged the posts around the four building blocks of the modern mature man: Presence, Vibe, Intrigue, Mastery. Check here for an explanation.

One response

  1. I agree with you – we are a really blessed generation with so much freedom of choice, and such a free world with tons of opportunities.
    I am very much like you – my only goal is living life to the fullest with tons of happiness and fulfillment.
    You definitely inspire me. Maybe my blog can inspire you too?
    Anyways, I’ll keep checking out your site! Have a good one:)
    – Thomas

    March 11, 2013 at 9:43 pm

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