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Books Read

I’ll keep track of every book I read in 2012 here, assuming I either finish it or get significantly through it.

Roger Zelany, Dead Man’s Brother (1971), Hard Case Crime

Dennis Wheatley, The Eunuch of Stamboul (1935), Arrow

Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo (1848), Penguin

Dennis Wheatley, The Black Baroness (1941), Arrow

Donald E. Westlake, The Cutie (2009), Hard Case Crime

E. Howard Hunt, House Dick (1961), Hard Case Crime

Russell Atwood, Losers Live Longer (2009), Hard Case Crime

Max Allan Collins, Quarry in the Middle (2009), Hard Case Crime

Alfred Gholson, The Pimp’s Bible (1986), RASTP

Jack Clark, Nobody’s Angel (1996), Hard Case Crime


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